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Department of Internal Medicine

Hematology/Oncology Rotation

Rotation Supervisor: Dr. John Godwin, Division Chief
Carol Jo Vecchie Women & Children's Center
St. John's Hospital
SIU Cancer Institute
Contact Information: Contact the Dr. Godwin, Friday before the rotation begins.
Report to the Division Monday morning at 8:00 am.
Pick up the schedule about the divisional activities.
Length of Rotation: Two weeks
Objectives: To familiarize with the common presentations of hematological and Oncologic disorders. Clinical correlation with physical findings and morphologic evaluation of normal and abnormal findings will be the major objective. Also opportunity will be given for learning the technique of bone marrow and bone marrow biopsies.
Resources: Divisional library will provide materials needed. Referral text books in Hematology and Oncology as well as Seminars in Hematology and Oncology are available for the use needed. In addition guidance is given for the use of electronic media and the CD ROMs etc. for expertise in evaluation of smears and pathology of other materials.
  • Daily rounds with the assigned faculty.
  • Attend the clinics when no conflict with other clerkship activities.
  • Seeing the patients and presenting to the faculty, make a plan of management and review the pertinent literature material.
  • Participate in the Journal Club and all other divisional activities.
  • When possible attend the Oncology Tumor board. (not mandatory)
Assessment Methods: Observations during the exposure with the faculty will be the main source for assessing the students. Currently we plan for written assessment. Whenever possible the evaluations will be discussed with the students. Any negative performance will be discussed with the student in the earlier part of the rotation.
Rotation Assessment: This will be evaluated by the division chief and the faculty and will allow us to assess the student expectations and our response to such.