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Department of Internal Medicine

Pulmonary Medicine Rotation

The medical student(s) on the pulmonary service is(are) assigned to the attending physician on the consultation service and will:

  1. Meet with the pulmonary nurses, 545-5939 (751-1100) and Jacie Burt orSara Arthalony, secretaries, 545-0187 (MMC-D434) for orientation on the first weekday of rotation. Pick up a copy of the call schedules.
  2. See inpatient consults at MMC/SJH and attend outpatient clinics as assigned by the attending physician.
  3. Read PFT's daily in the MMC pulmonary function laboratory with the attending or pulmonary fellow assigned to PFT's.
  4. Attend the following monthly Pulmonary conferences if available:
    City Wide Chest Conf TBA   Inquire at Pulm Office
    Critical Care Conf 2nd Tuesday 12:15pm - 1:00pm Rm D219
    ID Conf 3rd Tuesday 1:00pm - 2:00pm Rm D229B
    Pathology Conf 4th Tuesday 12:30pm - 1:30pm Rm G157
    Journal Club 4th Tuesday 5:15pm - 7:00pm Rm D443B (food provided)
  5. Become familiar with the following respiratory medicine topics by using education resources available in the Pulmonary Library, the Pulmonary website and teaching sessions with attendings/fellows:
    1. Obstructive Lung Diseases
    2. Interstitial Lung Disease
    3. Lung Neoplasms
    4. Respiratory Tract Infections
    5. Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders
    6. Pleural and Chest Wall Disorders
    7. Chest Imaging
    8. Pulmonary Embolism
  6. Meet with the attending faculty at the end of the rotation for feedback/evaluation.
  7. You will be expected to round on Saturdays with your resident/attending. You are off on Sundays. You will also be expected to take one night of call each week with a resident/fellow.

Joseph Henkle, MD
Haitham Bakir, MD
Lanie Eagleton, MD
Kent Kapitan, MD
Raj Sreedhar, MD
Peter White, MD

Ammar Dulli, MD
Wojciech Janowski, MD
Abiy Kelil, MD
M. Asim Siddique, MD
Mohammed Syed, MD

Administrative Office (MMC-D434) 545-0187
Nurses (751-1100) 545-0182
Private line-Clinic (internal use only) 545-7002
Appointments 545-3880 or 545-0182


  1. STUDENTS: Before examining a patient, please place your initials next to the patient's name on the board.
  2. After the physician does the initial examination on the patient, and if testing such as spirometry, pulse ox, allergy testing, or x-ray are needed in order to complete evaluation of the patient, please indicate tests needed on the clinic note and place the chart in the plastic bins in the clinic work room. The clinic nurses will work from Bin #1 up to Bin #3 to complete the orders. After the nurse has completed the orders, she will place the chart outside the patient's exam room and indicate that the testing is completed by writing "done" by the room number on the board.
  3. After the patient's examination and testing is completed, the following information should be completed on the clinic note:
    1. Diagnosis - please mark PRIMARY diagnosis p, if more than one diagnosis - needed to complete the charge ticket
    2. Level of care - needed to complete the charge ticket
    3. Studies/procedures to be scheduled
    4. Therapy/prescriptions
    5. Date of next visit and/or call
    6. Physician signature with corresponding box checked
    7. Dictation done - yes or no (copy of dictated note or a letter should go to the referring physician)
  4. If you complete your own prescriptions, please leave attached to the chart so that the nurses may include these with their discharge instructions to the patient. If the nurse completes the prescriptions, she will substitute for generic and give refills unless you indicate otherwise.
  5. If there is something in the orders that needs personal communication, please notify a clinic nurse directly. If a clinic nurse is not available, notify the telephone nurse who will convey the message to a clinic nurse when one becomes available.
  6. When the patient is ready for discharge, place the chart along with the clinic note and the charge ticket in the plastic bins.