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Department of Internal Medicine

Clinical Services

SIU Clinics Building

An Introduction to SIU
The Department of Internal Medicine at SIU HealthCare is dedicated to providing quality patient care to central and southern Illinois. As an academic medical center, we have unique advantages. Our students, residents, and fellows challenge our physicians to be up to date on the latest in disease management. Our research activities give us access to new developments on the horizon. As a patient at SIU HealthCare you can be sure you are receiving the best medicine has to offer.

Internal Medicine covers many specialties including cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general internal medicine, hematology/oncology, infectious diseases, medicine psychiatry, nephrology, pulmonary medicine, and rheumatology.

To make an appointment with any of our clinics, please call (217) 545-8000.

Clinic Locations

Cardiology: 751 N. Rutledge, 1st floor room 1100
Dermatology: 751 N. Rutledge, 2nd floor room 2300
Endocrinology: 751 N. Rutledge, Lower Level room 0300
Gasterenterology: 751 N. Rutledge, 1st floor room 1100
General Internal Medicine: 751 N. Rutledge, 1st floor room 1700
Hematology/Oncology: 315 W. Carpenter, 1st floor, Clinic B
Infectious Diseases: 751 N. Rutledge, 1st floor room 1100
Medicine Psychiatry: 751 N. Rutledge, 1st floor room 1700
Pulmonary Medicine: 751 N. Rutledge, 2nd floor room 2100
Rheumatology Clinic: 751 N. Rutledge, 2nd floor room 2300

Nurse Calls
We know how important your questions are and we want to answer them quickly and accurately. Since our nurses are often in the clinic and unable to take your call, we ask that you call the SIU Call Center at (217) 545-8000. The operator will take your information and send an electronic note to the nurse. This allows the nurse the opportunity to access your chart and talk to your physician before returning your call. Please note that calls received after 3:30 may not be returned until the next day. If it is an emergency, please let the operator know. If you need a medication refilled, please call your pharmacist. They will in turn contact us with any questions.