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Division of Dermatology

Third Year Elective

Department: Internal Medicine

Division: Dermatology

This two-week elective is designed for third year students. Principles of cutaneous medicine are taught in a series of lectures correlating basic structure and function of the skin with cutaneous diseases. The lectures will be supplemented with appropriate reading material and students will participate in small group discussion sessions with faculty and residents. Students will have the opportunity to see patients in the SIU dermatology and Mohs micrographic surgery clinics. Surgical and laboratory practica are included to teach basic cutaneous diagnostic and surgical techniques. Additionally, the dermatology faculty and residents will participate in student-focused kodachrome and journal club conferences.

The student is expected to:
1. become fluent in basic dermatologic vocabulary.
2. develop a reasonable differential diagnosis for common skin lesions/eruptions.
3. recognize the indications for skin biopsies, and various dermatologic therapies.

The student will be evaluated by performance/attendance as follows:
1. by daily interactions with faculty and residents. In addition, a basic kodachrome examination will be given at the end of the block.
2. The student will briefly present a patient of interest (SOAP format) and review an article discussed in journal club at one of the division conferences.
3. The student will maintain a logbook of all patient encounters.


Faculty Responsible for Elective: Lucinda Buescher, M.D.
Telephone: (217) 545-5465

Additional Faculty:
Robert A. Buzzell, MD
Stephen P. Stone, MD

Morgan Wilson, MD

Enrollment: Minimum: 4 Maximum: 8
Schedule: Full Time 2 weeks
Credit Hours: Minimum: 2 Maximum: 2