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Division of General Internal Medicine

Student Information

General Internal Medicine Continuity Care Clinic

One half-day each week you will attend an ambulatory clinic with a general internist. There is a weekly ambulatory report (Monday mornings) that focuses on ambulatory topics commonly seen in these clinics. Please review the Ambulatory Objectives at the end of the syllabus.

General Medicine Ward Services


You will spend three weeks on a general internal medicine ward. You may request a fourth, contiguous week of wards. During this time you will be assigned to a first-year resident, who in turn will provide you with patients during your rotation for you to work-up and follow. A complete write-up of your history and physical examination should be in the chart within 24 hours. Please provide a copy of your write-up for review by the senior medical resident. You should follow your patient cases carefully and participate actively in their evaluation and treatment. You should write daily orders and progress notes in the chart which reflect your understanding of the patient’s progress, and details of further evaluation and management. You should be prepared at any time to present each of your patients to residents, attendings, or your colleagues. You should read extensively about each of your patients in major general internal medicine textbooks, subspecialty textbooks, or other medical literature.