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Division of Infectious Diseases

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)


  • Symptoms may vary from individual to individual. A cough, fever, flu-like symptoms may occur.
  • The most important information is whether the individual has traveled to southeast Asia and Toronto, Canada or has been around another person who has traveled to these areas.
  • If SARS is suspected, the individual should contact his/her primary care physician and indicate symptoms, where they have traveled to or who they have come in contact with and where that individual has traveled to.
  • SARS requires the individual be seen and assessed in a negative air pressure room in an ER
  • Notify the ER of the individual coming with suspicion of SARS and that a negative air pressure room will be needed at time of the person''s arrival to the ER
  • All labs/x-rays to be done in a negative air pressure room.
  • An individual does not necessarily require hospitalization.

For additional information, please visit the Illinois Department of Public Health or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.