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Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Inpatient Critical Care Service

The medical ICU service offers evaluation, treatment and/or monitoring of patients with critical illness such as acute respiratory failure, shock states, acute renal injury, acute liver failure, life threatening electrolyte abnormalities, infections or endocrine disorders.

The medical ICU teams at St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center are led by a board certified pulmonary/critical care medicine physician. Other members on the team vary by location but can include pulmonary fellows (SJH), residents (Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine or Family Medicine) and nurse practitioners (MMC).

The ICU team offers advanced ventilator management and the standard invasive procedures (central lines, arterial lines including axillary arterial lines, temporary dialysis catheter, thoracentesis, chest tubes (percutaneous and closed), bronchoscopy, paracentesis, lumbar puncture, and percutaneous dilational tracheostomy) and bedside ultrasound.