SIU School of Medicine

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Department of Internal Medicine

Ambulatory I


Andrew J. Varney, MD
Memorial Medical Center D442
Contact Cathy Brower 545-5568


Dermatology: Mandatory Experience

Lucinda Buescher, MD
Jonathan Goldfarb, MD
Stephen Stone, MD
Contact Stacy Miller at 545-5465 to be put on clinic schedule.

Gynecology: Mandatory Experience

Erica Nelson, MD
Contact Deena Mytar at 545-8072 regarding clinic schedule.
(Location: Carol Jo Vecchie Women & Children's Center, 415 N. 9th Street, Suite 600)

Sports Medicine/Ortho Clinic: Mandatory Experience

Rod Herrin, MD
Call 862-0444 to confirm clinic schedule.

Occupational Medicine: Mandatory Experience

Gregory Clem, MD
Jeff Brower, MD
Call 522-4300 to confirm clinic schedule.

Home Health Services: Mandatory Experience

Contact Tracy Rueter or Diana Schaffer at 544-6464 ext. 46238 to arrange your schedule.

Audiology/Neurotology: Elective Experience

Carol Bauer, MD/Gail Woodson, MD
Please call 545-4777 if you are planning to rotate through their clinic as she has a small reference list for you that would be helpful.

Breast Clinics: Mandatory Experience

Elizabeth Peralta, MD
Contact 545-7432 to arrange your schedule

Ophthalmology: Mandatory Experience

Patrick Butler, MD
Contact 535-2020 to arrange your schedule.

Community Health

Edgard Cumpa, MD
Capitol Community Health Center
2239 E. Cook

Community Service Volunteer: Mandatory Experience

Residents are expected to volunteer 1/2 day per week at one of the following community services charities. Volunteer work will be focused on community service in general and will most likely not be related to providing direct medical care.

Catholic Charities of Springfield
800 S. 5th Street
Springfield, IL 62703

Kumler Church Neighborhood Ministries
600 N. 5th Street
Springfield, IL 62702

Audiology Practicum: Elective Experience

Kathleen Campbell, PhD - 545-4419 - Director of the Adult and Pediatric Clinics.
Marian Girardi - 545-4419 - Director of Vestibular testing.