SIU School of Medicine

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Department of Internal Medicine

"The residency program at SIU provides: nice program, excellent patient care, nice staff, supportive faculty members, large patient population with diversity of patient condition." - Ravish Shah, Resident

Continuity Clinics


  1. Categorical residents will be assigned to a single attending physician or clinic for the duration of their internal medicine residency.
  2. Residents will attend their continuity clinic every 4th week with one week of clinic duty.
  3. Residents will evaluate and manage patients assigned to them in the attending physician's office with supervision of the attending physician.
  4. With supervision of the attending physician, each resident will provide all ongoing care to patients seen by him/her in the ambulatory clinic, including all follow up of acute or chronic medical problems, preventative and maintenance health care, appropriate counseling of patients and families, and patient education.
  5. Telephone messages, prescription refills, lab reports, and emergency or after-hours care of residents' patients will be handled by the residents if possible. Residents should routinely, within 48 hours of their clinic day, follow-up on patient labs and ancillary studies as available and call the patient. Inform the office nurse of your communications.
  6. Each resident will be evaluated biannually by their faculty preceptor in the ambulatory setting.
  7. Absence from clinic will be permitted for vacations, educational leaves, illness or personal emergencies.