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Department of Internal Medicine

Current Residents- PGY1

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Kaci Alexander Kaci Alexander


Yasmina Arroyo-Jimenez Yasmina Arroyo-Jimenez


Michelle Bryant Michelle Bryant


Thymur Chaudhry Thymur Chaudhry


Andrew Corkery Andrew Corkery


Natasha DeSouza Natasha DeSouza


Rolland Doubleday Rolland Doubleday


Shady Georgy Shady Georgy


Shravana Gudivada Shravana Gudivada


Alex Hall Alex Hall


Kendall Held Kendall Held


Matthew Hileman Matthew Hileman


Ryan McCarty Ryan McCarty


Kenneth Minielly Kenneth Minielly


Elizabeth Nielsen Elizabeth Nielsen


Hannah Purseglove Hannah Purseglove


Bradley Restivo Bradley Restivo


Omar Siddiqui Omar Siddiqui


Taylor Stone Taylor Stone


Ula Tarabichi Ula Tarabichi


Kiddy Ume Kiddy Ume


Vanessa Williams Vanessa Williams


Betty Yan Betty Yan