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Department of Internal Medicine

Current Residents- PGY2

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Zainab Al Obaidi Zainab Al Obaidi


Siddarth ChandraSiddarth Chandra


Yasmine IbrahimYasmine Ibrahim


Angela AsareMuhammad Iqbal


Junzhi LinJunzhi Lin


Bianca MadridBianca Madrid


Rufaat MandoRufaat Mando


Sukesh Manthri Sukesh Manthri


Mark Massoud Mark Massoud


Najwa PervinNajwa Pervin


Zubair Saeed ZafarZubair Saeed Zafar

Ahmer SiddiquiAhmer Siddiqui


Ahmed SokrabAhmed Sokrab


Adrienne StichAdrienne Stich


Jacob VarneyJacob Varney