SIU School of Medicine

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Department of Internal Medicine

Current Residents- PGY2

Chiefs | PGY-1 | PGY-2 | PGY-3 | PGY-4 | PGY-5

Nicole Abbot Nicole Abbot


Shefta Akhunji Shefta Akhunji


Mohammad Al-Akchar Mohammad Al-Akchar


Sindhura Bandaru Sindhura Bandaru


Mary Francine Chua Mary Francine Chua


Katyayan Dwivedi Katyayan Dwivedi


Matthew Evans Matthew Evans


Mohammed Jaafar Mohammed Jaafar


Shakthisri Kandaswamy Shakthisri Kandaswamy


Hadi Mahmaljy Hadi Mahmaljy


Manognya Muttineni Manognya Muttineni


Faraaz Nayeemuddin Faraaz Nayeemuddin


Anshul Pandey Anshul Pandey


Clayton Parks


Akshan Puar Akshan Puar


Jacob Scheer Jacob Scheer


Timothy Selway Timothy Selway


Paolo Marco Soriano Paolo Marco Soriano