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Department of Internal Medicine

Current Residents

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We are proud of our exiting residents, and are happy to announce their chosen career paths:

Hamid Al-Johany – Chief Resident, SIU School of Medicine

Navidip Arora – Primary care, Effingham, IL

Suraj Arora:  Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship, Medical College of Wisconsin

Megha Bendre:  Hospitalist, Seattle, WA

Mudita Bhugra: Hospitalist, Maine

Pratima Chalasani:  Hemetology-Oncology fellowship, Gunderson Healthcare System, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Misbat Chaudry:  Hospitalist in Houston, TX

Asmeret Demissie:  Hospitalist in Virginia with Sentara Healthcare

Swapna Devanna: Hospitalist in northern Illinois

Idelle Fraser: Primary care, St Louis, MO

Gaurav Jain: Pain Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh.

Travis Jameson:  Hospitalist, Carle Clinic Foundation in Urbana

Gabriel Mikhael:  Hospitalist, Milwaukee, WI

Prabhu Ram: Primary care, Boston, MA

Dheeraj Reddy:  Academic Hospitalist, University of New Mexico

Adil Sattar:  Chief Resident, SIU School of Medicine

Lokesh Shahani: Infectious Disease Fellowship at Baylor, Houston, TX

Amardeep Shrestha:  Hospitalist with HSHS in Springfield, IL