SIU School of Medicine

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Department of Internal Medicine

"Before I joined here I heard about SIU's dedicated faculty, excellent professionalism, work ethics and no scut work during training. This along with the friendly and supportive atmosphere here influenced my choosing this program. Being close to two major cities and low cost of living makes Springfield an ideal town to complete your residency training." - Abdul Rehman, Current Resident

Duty Schedules

Work duty hours:

  • Call and duty hour schedules are carefully monitored. They provide ample time off and typically assign resident work hours at well below the 80 hour limit.

Call Schedules:


  • Every 8th day in house call on general In-Services
  • Staggered shift and call schedules for ICU residents
  • Home call for all other services.
  • Controlled shift schedule in emergency room


  • Staggered shift and call schedule for ICU residents
  • 9 – 12 weeks night float, supervisor back up
  • Combination of traditional night float and home call for subspecialties.


  • Ever fourth daytime call during general internal medicine.
  • No night call.
  • Home call for elective rotations (admitted patients)
  • Staggered shift and call schedule for ICU residents


  • Formal Daily patient management and teaching rounds occur on all inpatient medical services, including, General Internal Medicine, Nephrology, and Intensive Care unit.
  • Routine daily patient management and consultation rounds occur on all subspecialty services.
  • Weekly rounds and conference occur in emergency medicine rotation.
  • Daily report occurs on Monday- Friday for all general medicine services, managed by program director and chief residents.

Vacation and Educational Leave:

  • Twenty-one days paid vacation.
  • Seven days paid educational leave
  • Fourteen sick days
  • Five interview days (PGY2 or PGY3)