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Division of Infectious Diseases

International Travel Clinic

The SIU International Travel/Immunizations Clinic, in Springfield, Illinois, provides travel health services including customized immunizations, education and information, pre-travel consultations, and post-travel treatment if necessary.

Our medical directors are Dr. Janak Koirala, Dr. Vidya Sundareshan, Dr. Shingo Chihara and Dr. Isha Tyagi - Board certified Infectious Diseases specialists. Another addition to the staff is Scott Bergman, PharmD, BCPS who is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. Marla, R.N. coordinates the immunizations services.

Dr. Subhash Chaudhary is the pediatric board-certified infectious diseases specialist to serve our pediatric travelers. His clinic is at St. John's Pavilion and the number to call is 217-545-0702 for appointments.