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Division of Infectious Diseases

Available Vaccines

Hepatitis A:

Vaccine Effective 2 Weeks After Dose (Per SKB)
Effective 4 Weeks After Dose (Per CDC)
Dose: 1.0 ml, IM
Normal Schedule 0, 6

Hepatitis B:

1 Month After 1st Dose 12-50% Seroconvert
After2nd 63-86% At Month 3
After3rd 91-99%At Month 7
Dose: 1.0 ml, IM
Normal Schedule 0, 1, 6

Twinrix (combined Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B):

2 Doses Needed Before Travel
Dose: 1.0 ml, IM
Schedule is 0,1mo,6mo

Meningococcal disease (meningitis):

Effective 7-10 Days After Vaccine Given
Dose: 0.5 ml, Subcutaneous


Effective 2 Weeks After Vaccine Given
Dose: 0.5, IM
Booster Recommended Every 3 Years


Yellow Fever:

Effective 10 Days After Vaccine Given
Dose: O.5 ml, Subcutaneous


H. influenza

Japanese Encephalitis:

(3 Doses)
Vaccine Effective 10 Days After 3rd Dose Given
Dose: 1.0 ml , Subcutaneous
Last Dose Should Be Given 10 Days Before Travel
Normal Schedule 0.7.30
Abreviated Schedule 0,7,14


Pneumonia (Pneumococcal Vaccine)