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MEDPREP | Medical/Dental Education Preparatory Program

MEDPREP Eligibility

The Medical/Dental Education Preparatory Program (MEDPREP) was established in 1972 by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and is located in Carbondale, Illinois. It provides assistance to educationally AND/OR economically disadvantaged students in preparing for and achieving success in health professions schools.

Educational disadvantage:

An individual is considered "educationally disadvantaged" if he/she:

Economic disadvantage:

Low Income Levels

The table below provides a breakdown of family income levels used to determine economic disadvantage for the latest available data.

Income Level Size of Parental Family
$19,140 1
$25,660 2
$32,180 3
$38,700 4
$45,220 5
$51,740 6
$58,260 7
$64,780 8
Add $6,520 for each additional person

If you believe your educational or economic disadvantage has affected your undergraduate academic record, and impeded your ability to apply successfully to medical or dental school, MEDPREP may be the right program for you.

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The MEDPREP mission is to increase the numbers of underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students from southern and central
Illinois who will enter and graduate from health professions schools and who will serve in U.S. health professions shortage areas.