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MEDPREP | Medical/Dental Education Preparatory Program

MEDPREP Minimum GPA Requirements

During the application process, MEDPREP verifies the college coursework that you have listed on your application against your submitted transcripts, and calculates the Science and cumulative GPA. Remember that as part of the application process, all college grades must be entered, including poor or failing grades (Ds and Fs), repeated courses, withdrawals, non-credit courses, and laboratory courses. To be considered for MEDPREP admission, you must meet BOTH the minimum GPA and minimum science GPA requirements, as calculated by the MEDPREP admissions office. The minimum GPA to be considered for admission to the MEDPREP program is 2.20. The minimum science GPA to be considered for admission to the MEDPREP program is 2.20.

Non-Grade Forgiveness Policy

For the purposes of your MEDPREP application, the MEDPREP admissions office uses AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) policy in determining your GPA. All courses taken for a letter grade, including all grades for repeated courses, are included in the GPA calculations. MEDPREP does NOT “forgive” grades for any course, even if the course has been repeated for a better grade. This is standard practice for many medical and dental application services, including AMCAS and ADSAS. MEDPREP will calculate both an overall GPA (all graded courses) and a science GPA (all graded biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics courses) from the information on your transcript(s). The science GPA is also referred to at MEDPREP at the “BCPM” GPA to indicate that it is calculated from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math courses. 

Note that this policy may differ from your undergraduate institution(s). Some institutions drop the lower grade when you repeat a course with better grade. Your GPA and science GPA for MEDPREP admissions purposes may therefore be lower than the GPA printed on your transcript, particularly if you have repeated courses.

You take the same General Chemistry course for 4 Credit Hours each, three different times and receive the following grades: D, C, and B. All three grades would be included in the GPA calculation, and thus the overall contribution of this course to your GPA would be 12 credit hours with an average of C (2.0).

Compare this to a university that only counts your best grade for a repeated course. Since your final grade in the course was a “B,” they may ignore the first two attempts, and the D and C grades, and credit you 4 credit hours with a grade of B (3.0) towards your overall GPA. In this instance, the MEDPREP GPA and credits earned would be significantly different that your institution’s GPA and credits earned. 

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The MEDPREP mission is to increase the numbers of underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students from southern and central
Illinois who will enter and graduate from health professions schools and who will serve in U.S. health professions shortage areas.