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Medical/Dental Education Preparatory Program

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Prospective Students


MEDPREP was designed as a two-year postbaccalaureate program for disadvantaged students. It provides an environment in which students can hone their test-taking skills and enhance their academic record before matriculating in a health professional school. With the assistance of an academic advisor, students tailor their academic program to maximize their profile. Most students enroll in MCAT/DAT preparation courses during the first academic year and in upper-level science enrichment courses during the second academic year.

MEDPREP's mission is to increase the numbers of underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students from southern and central Illinois who will enter and graduate from health professions schools and who will serve in U.S. health professions shortage areas. Therefore, the highest priority for MEDPREP participation is given to residents of central and southern Illinois.

Graduate Study
Students who are accepted to MEDPREP have the opportunity to complete a Master's in Public Health or a Master's in Biological Science during their two year participation in the program.  For more information about these programs and the application process, see the links below.  To inquire if either of these programs would meet your needs, you may email Linda Herrold.

Is It Right for me?

If you answer “yes” to the three questions posed above, then MEDPREP might be right for you.

How do I learn more?

Explore these web pages.

Please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please see our online application materials in the Application Process section.

To ask a specific question (after reading our FAQ), CLICK HERE.

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