The MEDPREP scholarships are awarded to MEDPREP students on the basis of academic scholarship, community service and/or financial need. The MEDPREP scholarship program supports students underrepresented in the health professions or from socioeconomic disadvantage who are pursuing medical or dental school entry. These scholarships are available on a competitive basis for currently enrolled MEDPREP students who have completed their first year of the program and are in good academic standing. Scholarship applications are available in the spring through the MEDPREP office, and are awarded for the following academic year. Unless indicated, scholarship awards are in the amount of $500.

Scholarship awards are made by the MEDPREP Scholarship Selection Committee, pending availability of funds. The exact type and number of scholarships awarded to MEDPREP students may change from year to year. Please apply for MEDPREP scholarships via Academic Works. You must be a current SIUC student to apply for MEDPREP and SIUC scholarships.


John S. Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund: These endowed scholarships, which are contributed by the Lewis family, commemorate the life and work of Dr. John S. Lewis, a Carbondale physician who helped found Doctor's Hospital, now Memorial Hospital, in Carbondale after World War II. Award amount: $1000.

Joyce, Molly, Richard and William Norwood Scholarship Awards: Joyce, Molly, Richard and William Norwood are alumni of SIUC, and Mr. William Norwood was the first African-American pilot to earn the rank of captain with United Airlines, The Norwood family funds these scholarships in strong support of SIUC and its educational mission.

Harold R. and Lana G. Bardo Scholarship Fund: Dr. Bardo served as director of MEDPREP for nearly 30 years before his retirement in 2014, and Dr. and Mrs. Bardo continue to support MEDPREP students via these scholarship awards.

W.G. Robinson-McNeese, M.D. Scholarship Fund: Dr. McNeese is a MEDPREP alumnus who continues to support the advancement of MEPDREP students through the McNeese Scholarship Fund. Dr. McNeese is trained in emergency medicine, and currently serves as the Executive Assistant to the Dean for Diversity at SIU School of Medicine.

Shirley J. McGlinn Scholarship Fund: Mrs. Shirley McGlinn was a long-time biology instructor for MEDPREP until her passing in 2012. Her family honors her love for MEDPREP and deep commitment to the success of MEDPREP students through these scholarships.

MEDPREP Scholarship Fund: MEDPREP has successfully helped over 1000 students enroll in medical and dental schools, and these scholarships are funded by alumni who have donated back to the program, as well as current and retired MEDPREP faculty and staff.