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Division of Medicine Psychiatry

Medicine Psychiatry Graduates at SIU

We are proud of the accomplishments of our graduates! Our graduates have gone on to become specialists after fellowship, hospitalists and ambulists, in private practice or in academia, in combined practices or in single specialty practices. Graduates seem to be uniquely adept in serving in administrative roles (Directors of Psychiatric Hospitals), and in starting new residency programs and directing programs (Psychiatry and Med/Psych). One has even published a book recently on an integrated topic (Immigrant Medicine). Our graduates also raise wonderful children and value family life.

Fellowships that Med/Psych graduates have gone into:

  • Psycho-Oncology
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Geriatrics
  • Pain Medicine
  • Infectious Disease
  • Pulmonary/Critical Care

Post Residency Professions for Combined Graduates - All Years

Locations of our Graduates

Locations of our Graduates post Residency

Our graduates are currently practicing in 11 states and 3 countries
(USA, Romania, and India).

We have graduates in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, and West Virginia.