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Division of Medicine Psychiatry

Why choose a career in medicine-psychiatry?

ResidentsClinical experience reveals a multitude of examples of patients with

  • psychiatric problems that impact their diagnosis and treatment of their medical problems
  • medical problems that impact their chronic medical illness, many of these have gone unrecognized and untreated
  • medical illness that present with psychiatric/behavioral symptoms
  • developmental disabilities that have medical and psychiatric symptoms
  • substance abuse disorders that have medical complications due to their substance abuse

A depth of knowledge of both medicine and psychiatry allow the physician to provide better care for these patients. Additionally roles exist for the dually trained physician to provide for the primary care needs of underserved psychiatric patients as well as the needs of medically ill patients who would not otherwise accept mental healthcare.

Why choose SIU School of Medicine for residency in Medicine - Psychiatry?

  • The program is strongly supported by both Departments of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine.
  • The program has a critical mass of residents currently participating - creating a strong group identity with great collegiality.
  • The program has four dually trained faculty members who participate in the training of the residents.
  • Strong training in psychotherapy in addition to biological psychiatry.
  • Strong training in ambulatory general medicine.
  • Well developed educational system to encourage the resident to develop integrative knowledge and skills.
  • Resident education and development is a strong focus in both programs.
  • A combined inpatient and outpatient clinic allow for education and experience in managing patients at the interface.