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SIU Core Facilities

Flow Cytometry Facility
The Flow Cytometry Facility occupies approximately 300 square feet at 801 North Rutledge Street. The facility is a fully equipped high speed cell sorting and cell analyzing research laboratory. It houses a Becton-Dickinson FACS Vantage flow cytometer, which features five color cell analysis with 488nm, 360-365nm and 636nm excitation capabilities and electronic cell sorting in a temperature controlled environment. The facility also houses a Becton-Dickinson FacsCalibur benchtop flow cytometer, which features four color capabilities with 488nm argon and 633nm HeNe excitation capabilities. For further information please contact Melissa Roberts at

Research Imaging Facility
The Research Imaging Facility offers support for transmission electron microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscope and computerized image analysis. The facility, at 801 North Rutledge Street, is equipped with a Hitachi H7000 Transmission Scanning electron microscope, a Hitachi S3000N Variable Pressure scanning electron microscope using PC-controlled electronics and Olympus Fluoview Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope. This facility has recently acquired Laser Captured Microdissection equipment. Support personnel are available to assist researchers, design EM and IAS protocols, teach EM, IAS and CLSM, and provide technical services on an as needed basis. For further information please contact Craig Whitworth at

Laboratory Animal Facility
The Laboratory Animal Facility and Program at the SIU School of Medicine contains approximately 20,000 gross square feet of modern, well-equipped space which includes a surgery suite, cage wash facility, diagnostic laboratory, necropsy room, quarantine area and infectious disease containment suite. The facility is located at 801 North Rutledge Street. The centralized laboratory animal care program is accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care and it is directed by a veterinarian who is a diplomat in the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine. The Biomedical Research Administrator of animal care is certified as a Laboratory Animal Technologist by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.
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For further information please contact Dr.Teresa Liberati, D.V.M., at

Division of Statistics and Research Consulting
Statistics and Research Consulting is located upstairs at 913 North Rutledge Street, Springfield. The division provides research and statistical consulting services to basic science and clinical faculty of the School of Medicine at both the Springfield and Carbondale campuses. Consultation provided covers a wide range of research and statistical issues. For further information please contact Steven Verhulst at

137 Cesium Facility
The 137 Cesium Facility at the SIU School of Medicine houses an Irradiator with a 137-Cesium radioactive source (220 Curie activity) in the primary research facility at 801 North Rutledge Street. The cylindrical irradiation chamber has a usable volume of 5" by 4" in diameter and delivers a center activity dose rate of 131 Roentgens per minute. The instrument is available without fee by all faculty researchers having an approved protocol through the SIU-SOM Radiological Control Committee. For further information please contact

Molecular Core Facility

The Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU Molecular Core Facility provides various types of services, including tumor tissue microarray and Affymetrix microarray analysis. The facility is also equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation as listed below. The equipment is accessible to all cancer researchers at SIU-SM.

  • Affymetrix microarray system
  • Manual Tissue Arrayer 2 (Chemicon)
  • GenePix® Personal 4100A Microarray Scanner (Axon)
  • SpotBot Personal Microarrayer (TeleChem)
  • Alpha Innotech FlorChem 5500
  • Olympus BX41 microscope with digital imaging system
  • Olympus IX71 inverted fluorescence microscope with digital camera
  • Cryostat (Thermo)
  • Microtome and floating water bath (Thermo)
  • Applied Biosystems 7500 Real Time PCR System
  • Bio-Rad 2-D systems
  • Savant Integrated SpeedVac
  • Dry ice maker
  • Agilent Bioanalyser
  • LN2 storage (MCR Cryogenics XLC 1200)

Departmental Instruments

Film Developer
Location: SCLF II, room 2624

Contact: Risa Kirkpatrick (5-2198)
Location: SCLF II, counter room 2626

Contact: Risa Kirkpatrick (5-2198)
Location: SCLF II, room 2652

Contact: Dr. Donald Torry and Dr. Sophia Ran
Location: SCLF II, room 2621

Contact: Chris Chambers (5-8098) or Dr. Andy Wilber (5-8098)
Location: SCLF II, Cryostat room 2633, bldg 825


Fluorescent Microscope
Contact: Dr. William Halford
Location: SCLF II, room 2658

Liquid Nitrogen
Contact: Chris Chambers
Location: SCLF II, room 2624
To gain access to locked tank, contact Chris Chambers
room 2633, 5-8098

Fermentas Enzyme Freezer& Bioline Freezer
Contact: Dr. Andy Wilber ext(5-8098)
Location: 825 bldg SCLF II, Enzyme Freezer room 2633

Flurescent Plate Reader
Contact: Dr. Gregory Brewer
Location: SCLF II, room 2632

UVP Gel Documentation
Contact: Dr. Gregory Brewer and Dr. Ed Gershburg
Location SCLF II, room 2638 and SCLF II, room 2658

96 Well Plate Reader
Contact: Dr. Donald Torry
Location : SCLF II, room 2615