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Dr. Deliang Cao


Deliang Cao
Associate Professor
phone: 217.545.9703


Research Interests
Cancer Prevention and Therapeutics


 Dr. Edward Gershburg

Edward Gershburg
Associate Professor
phone: 217.545.1139

   Dr. William Halford

William Halford
Associate Professor
phone: 217.545.4277

Research Interests
Virology and Viral Oncology


Research Interests
Virology and Viral Immunology


 Dr. Daotai Nie

Daotai Nie
Associate Professor
phone: 217.545.9702

   Dr. Sophia Ran


Sophia Ran
Associate Professor
phone: 217.545.7026

Research Interests
Molecular Oncology

Research Interests
Endothelial Cell Biology and Tumor Physiology


 Dr. Torry

Donald Torry
Professor - Chairman
phone: 217.545.2181


Andrew Wilber

Assistant Professor

Phone:  217.545.8098

Research Interests
Cell Biology, Molecular Immunology


Research Interests

Gene Therapy






















Adjunct Faculty:

Dr. Andrzej Bartke, PhD, Professor and Director of Geriatric Medicine

Dr. Mary McAsey, PhD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Krishna Rao, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine

Dr. Shelley Tischkau, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Dr. Randolph Elble, PhD, Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Dr. Wiley D. Jenkins, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Family & Community Medicine

Dr. Rita Trammell, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Dr. Saadiq El-Amin, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Rong Yuan, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine

Dr. Mei Chris Huang, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine

Emeritus Faculty:

Dr. Walter Myers, PhD

Dr. Peter Borgia, PhD

Dr. Yin-Yuan Mo, PhD

Dr. David Carpenter, Research Associate

Dr. Kounosuke Watabe, PhD

Dr. Morris D. Cooper, PhD

Dr. Gregory J. Brewer, PhD - more

Dr. Subhas Chakrabarty, PhD - No longer accepting students.