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Deliang Cao, Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Cell Biology Faculty - SIU School of Medicine


Our Faculty

Delian Cao

Deliang Cao
Associate Professor


Research Focus

Using gene transfer, RNA interference, and gene knockout technologies, we are investigating the metabolic pathways and molecular mechanisms affecting antitumor activity and tumor selectivity of cytotoxic agents, fluoropyrimidines and anthracyclines. For clinical translation, we are exploring rapid, easy methods to monitor the activity of the metabolic pathways and effectors of fluoropyrimidines and anthracyclines. As a final goal, our research will provide evidence and methodologies for the individualization of these chemotherapeutic agents. Using these gene-targeting technologies, we are also investigating the biological function of human aldose reductase-like-1 (AKR1B10) and its role in cancer development and therapy.

Selected Publications

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