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Spring 2014 MBMB 597 Seminars

Fridays 11:00 am, 825 N. Rutledge, Rm 3690

January 17, 2014
Introduction to Seminar Course - No Seminar

Dr. Cao - introduction and orientation

Dr. Torry - professionalism

January 24, 2014    BMB
TItle: ""
January 31, 2014    BMB
William P. Tansey
Professor, Department of Cell and Developomental Biology, Vanderbilt Univeristy Medical Center
Title: "Ubiquitin and proteasomes in transcription"
February 7, 2014    MICR
Derek Fisher
Assistant Professor, SIU Carbondale
Title: "Life on the inside:  Nutrient acquision and growth of Chlamydia trachomatis

February 14, 2014   MMICB

Mark Ji
Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Univerity of Utah
Title:  "Discovery of selective protein-protein interaction inhibitors for the canonical Wnt signaling pathway"
February 21, 2014    MMICB
Yanchun Li  

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, 


Title: “Anti-inflammatory activity of the vitamin D receptor”
February 28, 2014    MICR
George Ordal
Professor Emeritus, Department of Biochemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title: "The Baciillus subtilis chemoreceptor McpC senses multiple ligands using two discrete mechanisms"
March 7, 2014 BMB
Sankar Mitra
Full Member, Radation Oncology, Houston Methodist Research Institute
Title: "Ubiquity and complexity of oxidative genome damage repair in mammals"
March 14 - Spring Break   

March 21, 2014   MICR

Roger G. Rank
Professor, Arkansas Children's Hospital Researc Institute & University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (invited by MICR graduate students)
Title: "Life in the famale gental mucosa:  The intimate relationship between Chlamydia and the inflammatory response"
March 28, 2014   BMB

Gourisankar Ghosh

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California San Diego
Title:  "IkappaB kinase:  A special protein kinase"
April 4, 2014    MMICB

Title: '"

April 11, 2014   MICR

Cari Vanderpool

Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology

Title:  'Deciphering regulatory and physiological roles for bacterial small RNAs"

April 18, 2014 
Trainee Research Symposium in Springfield - No Seminar
April 25, 2014  MMICB
Mahasin Osman
Assistant Professor, Division of Biology and Medicine, Brown University
Title:  "Role of IQGAP1 in the molecular link between cancer and diabetes"
May 2, 2014   BMB
Trevor Archer
Chief, National Institute of Health
Title: “Transcription and development:  Critical processes requiring chromatin remodeling"
May 9, 2014     FINALS WEEK - No Seminar