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Is my daughter's dizziness caused by epilepsy?

Q: I have just found out that my eight year old daughter is having dizzy spells. A teacher brought it to my attention. She was concerned because my daughter would all of a sudden look confused and like she was going to pass out until the teacher grabbed her. I asked my daughter about it and how she felt, she said that she was dizzy, feeling sick and like she was staring at something. She says that this happens quite often at school exspecially when she is reading. She does have reading problems. I know I will have to have the doctor check this, but could it be a form of epilepsy?

A: Dizziness is a common symptom, and may stem from a number of causes. It is usually caused by a drop in blood pressure. In childhood the most common cause is a simple faint, which occurs more in girls than boys. However, other things, such as heart problems, migraine and occasionally, epilepsy, may cause complaints of dizziness. It would be best to have a physician check her out.

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