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Do I still have Rolandic Epilepsy?

Q: I'm twenty and I sometimes have this weird sensation at night like it's misfiring still. I fall asleep and drool on my pillow even now. My head runs away with me constantly. I also have strabismus or wall eye which should have caused me to go blind out of one of my eyes by six years old because it was untreated. I also have dyslexia as well as ADD and some doctor told me that if my condition was worse then I would be diagnosed with cerebral palsy. So I'm a mess. My language ability changes given the situation if I'm under a lot of stress I have serious problems with language but if I'm relaxed it's like my learning disablity completely disapears. I'm thinking the persisting language problem results from the Rolandic epilepsy instead of dyslexia and I didn't outgrow it. is it possible for someone to not outgrow it.

A: Although Rolandic epilepsy is considered a "benign" syndrome because the seizures stop by puberty, learning difficulties may accompany this syndrome. This may be what occurred in your case. It is not clear whether the epilepsy causes the learning problems, or whether whatever caused the learning problems also caused the epilepsy. However, if you think you are still having seizures, you should definitely have an evaluation by an epileptologist. If it turns out you are still having seizures, you probably have some other type of epilepsy rather than continued Rolandic epilepsy

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