Department of Neurology

Special studies and well controlled epilepsy

Q: While I was diagnosed in the eighties with epilepsy from an EEG; once it was determined it was in left temporal regions, I have been successfully treated with Tegretol and now Tegretol XR. My question is: for a better understanding of my condition and those areas of the brain affected, is it worth having further definitive studies done (I still have occasional breakthroughs of simple partials) to help my understanding, or is it only necessary for those considering more drastic measures such as surgery?

I live in SW Georgia...thank you.

A: While it may be interesting to record some seizures as they occur, if you already have a firm diagnosis of epilepsy, and are not planning to have surgery, the information gained will not likely change management of your epilepsy. This is mainly because in the end, your therapy is determined not by the exact location of your seizure onset, but rather by your clinical response (how many seizures you have) to your medications.

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