Department of Neurology

Undiagnosed spells

Q: For the last 7 years I have been having a reacurring problem (sometimes this problem happens once every couple of years and sometimes happens several times in one year)... It has always happened in my home ( never elsewhere ) The following is the exact sequence that it happens EVERY time:

Could this possibly be a mild form of Epilepsy???????

Thank you for any information that you may possibly be able to give me!!!!!!


A: It is quite possible you have epilepsy, but it would be impossible to say without a full evaluation. Seizures are usually stereotypic, that is, they tend to follow a specific pattern. They are often accompanied by simple and seemingly purposeless motions and actions, and are often followed by disorientation. However, there are many other causes of spells besides epilepsy. I suggest you obtain a full evaluation from a neurologist or epileptologist for a diagnosis.

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