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The Center for Epilepsy provides comprehensive care for persons with all types of epilepsy, through advanced diagnositc techniques, specialized pharmacologic therapy, new investigational drugs and devices, and epilepsy surgery. The Center also provides educational programs for physicians and other health care workers on managment of epilepsy. New patient appointments are made upon referral from your primary care physician. The clinic is located in the SIU Clinics Building, 751 N. Rutledge, 3rd floor, Springfield, IL Our phone number is (217) 545-8000, weekdays, 8 - 5 pm, Central time.

Vagus nerve stimulation therapy is now available!

The FDA has recently approved the Neurocybenetic Prosthesis (NCP), a device for the treatment of medically resistant epilepsy involving partial seizure types. This is now available at the SIU Center for Epilepsy. If you are interested in having this implanted at our program, call (217) 782-3013. For general information, call Cyberonics at (800) 332-1375.

Article about Brad Humphrey, one of our patients who has been treated with the NCP....

Epilepsy research

Ongoing research is crucial to improving our understanding of the causes of epilepsy and how to best treat this illness. Southern Illinois University has had a long tradition of epilepsy research and is recognized nationally and internationally for its scientific contributions.

Epilepsy Questions/Answers

Questions? E-mail us and we will answer your general questions about epilepsy and its treatment. We will post some of the common questions submitted. Click here for our current list of Questions and Answers. We regret that we are not able to answer specific questions about your particular care.


In conjuction with the Epilepsy Resource Center of Central Illinois, SIU School of Medicine hosts an Annual Epilepsy Education Community Event. The last event took place on July 17th. Click here for an overview of the event.