Department of Neurology

Neurology Residency Program

P.O. Box 19643, Springfield, IL 62794-9643


Program Overview

The Neurology Residency Program has duty hours optimal for the care of patients and in compliance with the General and Special Requirements of the ACGME. No resident is on call more than an average of every third night.  Call may be taken from home, although residents have the option of staying in the hospital.  A sleeping room is available in Memorial Medical Center (Room C233) for anyone interested in utilizing it.  The room is located in the regular sleeping quarters (room 226-combination 3/5) and can be accessed by calling/paging the house supervisor for the combination.  Should the room be fully occupied, the house supervisor will help the resident locate a sleeping room.

General Internal Medicine 6 months
Acute Care (ICU) 1 month
ER 1 month
Renal 1 month
Electives 3 months
Inpatient Service 3 months
Neuroradiology 1 month
Psychiatry 1 month
Night Float 3 months
Neuropathology 1 month
Stroke Team 3 months
On Call Responsibility:  No more than an average of every third night on inpatient or psychiatry rotations.
Inpatient Service 3 months
Pediatric Neurology 1 month
Neurophysiology 2 months
Neuropathology/ophthalmology 1 month
Rehabilitation 1 month
Stroke Team 2 months
Night Float 2 months
On Call Responsibility:  No night call on EEG/EMG or Neuropathology rotations. No more than an average of every third night on Pediatric Neurology, Neurosurgery & Volunteer Faculty rotations.   Resident does not provide adult neurology inpatient service coverage while rotating on Neurosurgery, Psychiatry or Pediatric Neurology services.
Chief Residency 6 months
Pediatric Neurology 2 months
Electives 3 months
Stroke Team 1 month
On Call Responsibility:  Chief Resident provides back-up.  Call service responsibility is priority of residents assigned to inpatient clinical service.  PGY-3 residents and PGY-4 residents completing electives are scheduled only if absolutely necessary.

Available Electives:

EEG, EMG, Neurorehabilitation, Alzheimer Disease/Dementia, Neuroradiology, Pediatric Neurology, Psychiatry, Neuropathology, Neurotology, Neurosurgery, Ambulatory Neurology

Research Electives – Laboratory or Clinical:

Clinical Trials, Tremor Pathophysiology, EEG/Epilepsy, Myology, Gait Disorders, Alzheimer Disease, Stroke, Movement Disorders/Parkinson’s Disease, Botulinum Treatment

Clinical Electives may be taken in any configuration of blocks with approval of faculty supervisor.  More than one elective may be selected.   Clinical Electives should be arranged six months in advance with the faculty involved.  Elective requests are to be submitted to the residency office in writing.

Research Electives should also be arranged six months in advance to allow time to plan the project and obtain any human or animal committee approvals needed.  A one-page summary is to be submitted to get credit for a research elective.

Each resident is also required to attend weekly subspeciality and continuity clinics with Faculty members which include: Oncology, Epilepsy, EMG, EEG, Movement Disorders, Memory, and Pediatric Neurology.