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  1. Should a single photoconvulsive seizure be treated?
  2. Are migraines related to seizures?
  3. Are seizures related to rage attacks?
  4. My daughter has epilepsia partialis continua
  5. What is a cell migrational disorder?
  6. Should parents make the decision to treat?
  7. Is felbamate still available?
  8. What questions should I ask my doctor?
  9. What are the side effects of acetazolamide (Diamox)?
  10. Using the magnet trigger for vagus nerve stimulation in developmentally disabled persons
  11. Ethosuximide (Zarontin) is ineffective for tonic-clonic seizures
  12. What is the post-ictal state?
  13. What is the difference between seizures and epilepsy?
  14. Time-release therapies for epilepsy
  15. Reluctance to treat seizures
  16. Cough-induced seizures
  17. What are secondary generalized seizures?
  18. Is epilepsy hereditary?
  19. Sudden unexplained death in epilepsy
  20. For what types of seizures is ethosuximide (Zarontin) effective?
  21. Seizures and menstruation
  22. How is epilepsy diagnosed?
  23. Patient assistance programs for obtaining anti-seizure medications
  24. What are guidelines for stopping antiepileptic drugs?
  25. Is my son a candidate for vagus nerve stimulation?
  26. Long-term effects of Dilantin
  27. Therapy for myoclonic epilepsy of infancy
  28. Is my daughter's dizziness caused by epilepsy?
  29. Dilantin and gum disease
  30. Is epilepsy contagious?
  31. Diagnosis of hypoglycemic seizures
  32. Mesial sclerosis of the temporal lobe and surgery
  33. What is tiagabine (Gabitril)?
  34. Anticonvulsants and pain
  35. Funding for epilepsy agencies
  36. Teachers with epilepsy
  37. Epilepsy surgery for grand mal seizures
  38. Hypoglycemia and seizures
  39. Is there nothing else to be done?
  40. Dividing doses of seizure medications
  41. Epilepsy in the elderly
  42. Re-emergence of epilepsy
  43. Depakote and pancreatitis
  44. "Therapeutic" levels
  45. Vagus nerve stimulation therapy for epilepsy
  46. Are they auras or seizures?
  47. Antiepileptic drug therapy and pregnancy
  48. Epilepsy and denial
  49. Complex febrile seizures
  50. Medically resistant epilepsy in India
  51. Even "small seizures" can be disabling
  52. How do strobe lights cause seizures?
  53. Did a seizure occur?
  54. Do I still have Rolandic Epilepsy?
  55. Absence seizures resistant to Zarontin
  56. Non-medication treatment of epilepsy
  57. Computer monitor flicker and seizures
  58. Lamictal and Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy
  59. Depakote and GABA
  60. First seizure in a teen
  61. Medication stretching
  62. Antiepileptic medications and pediatric use
  63. New onset of seizures
  64. True or false seizures
  65. Head injury and seizures
  66. Special studies and well controlled epilepsy
  67. Seizures and air pressure
  68. Tegretol and teeth
  69. Myoclonic epilepsy in teens
  70. Does Prozac help or cause seizures?
  71. What is abdominal epilepsy?
  72. Undiagnosed nocturnal spells
  73. Antiepileptic drugs and developmental delay
  74. Strobe lights and seizures
  75. What is Rolandic epilepsy?
  76. The "split-brain" procedure
  77. When can I drive again?
  78. The future of epilepsy therapy
  79. Employment and epilepsy
  80. Faints or seizures?
  81. Breakthrough seizures
  82. Where can I obtain information about epilepsy?
  83. Support groups
  84. Are grand mal seizures more frequent at night?
  85. Daily staring spells
  86. Does an EEG diagnose epilepsy?
  87. Jacksonian seizures
  88. Sleep deprivation and epilepsy
  89. West Syndrome and complex partial seizures
  90. Startle epilepsy
  91. Too quick to medicate?
  92. Negative studies and diagnosis of epilepsy
  93. Myoclonic epilepsy and prognosis
  94. Craniotomy and seizures
  95. Can coma be caused by seizures?
  96. Undiagnosed spells
  97. EEG and seizures during menstrual periods
  98. Abdominal pain and epilepsy
  99. When is epilepsy controlled?
  100. Obtaining information on lamotrigine (Lamictal)
  101. Sickhouse syndrome and epilepsy
  102. Gamma knife and epilepsy surgery
  103. Why do I have seizures?
  104. Long-term therapy with Dilantin
  105. Surgery for non-intractable epilepsy
  106. Nocturnal epilepsy
  107. Absence seizures
  108. Sleep and seizures
  109. Memory and epilepsy