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November 6, 2007

William P. Halford, Ph.D., William Halford, Ph.D., portrait has joined the faculty at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine as an assistant professor of medical microbiology, immunology and cell biology and research member of the SimmonsCooper Cancer Institute at SIU.
[Note: He has since been promoted to associate professor.]

Most recently, he was on the faculty at Montana State University in Bozeman (2004-07) and University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle (2005-07).  He previously was on the faculty at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans (2000-04).

Halford completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (2000).  He earned his doctorate in virology and master’s in immunology, both at the Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans (1996, 1994).  He earned his bachelor’s in marine biology and microbiology at the University of California, Santa Barbara (1991).

His memberships include the American Society for Virology, American Society for Microbiology and American Association of Immunologists.  He has published nearly 50 journal articles, abstracts and reviews.  He is also a recipient of the American Herpes Foundation Stephen L. Sacks Investigator award (2004).  His research interest is the analysis of the herpes simplex virus.

A native of New Orleans, Halford is married to Melanie Halford and has two children.


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