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January 17, 2012

Pierre-Jean (P.J.) Lattanzio, M.D., Ph.D., bug has joined the faculty at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine as an assistant professor of clinical surgery. He will provide orthopaedic health care at Blessing Health Center, Suite 101, 927 Broadway, Quincy. He also is a member of SIU HealthCare, the medical school’s practice group.

Lattanzio has completed three fellowships in orthopaedic disciplines: shoulder surgery at the University of Western Ontario; knee surgery at Guy’s Hospital in London, UK (2011); and sports medicine at the University of Toronto (2010). He completed his residency in orthopaedic surgery at the University of Ottawa (2009), where he earned his medical degree (2004).

Lattanzio earned a doctorate of philosophy degree from the University of Toronto (UT) (2001) in cartilage MRI, his master’s degree from the University of Western Ontario’s School of Kinesiology in sports medicine (1996) and his bachelor’s degree from UT (1994). He is a member of the Ontario Race Physicians Association, responsible for providing medical care at NASCAR and INDY racing events in Toronto.

His publications include research from his doctorate studies using magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of cartilage injuries and osteoarthritis. His MSc research studied the effects of knee-joint proprioception in various settings. They were muscular fatigue, age and exercise and total knee arthroplasty designs. Dr. Lattanzio is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada.