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August 14, 1987

Dr. Sharon A. Smaga has joined the faculty of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine as an assistant professor of family and community medicine at SIU Carbondale Family Practice Center. [Note: She was promoted to professor of family and community medicine in July 2013.]

Smaga has been in private practice at Cape Giradeau's Family Practice Specialty Center since 1985. She also provided care at the Cape Giradeau Nursing Home and served as medical director Southeast Missouri Hospital's Wellness Center.

While completing her last two years of residency, Smaga was a part-time primary care physician for the Adolescent Health Center in Carbondale and the Farmworker Health Center in Cobden. She also served as a part-time emergency room physician at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Marion and as a screening physician for Nutri-System Weight Loss Center in Carbondale.

Smaga completed a three-year residency at SIU's Carbondale Family Practice Center (1985). She earned her medical degree from the University of Chicago Medical School (1982) and her bachelor's from Loyola University in Chicago (1978).

She is a member of the American Academy of Family Practice and the American Medical Association.

She is a native of Harvey, Ill.