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Senior medical students graduating from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine have again matched with competitive residency training programs for the next stage of their training.

SIU seniors received the results from the National Resident Matching Program last Thursday and learned where they will be doing their residencies, which follows medical school.  Dr. Erik Constance, associate dean of student affairs at SIU School of Medicine in Springfield, says sixty SIU medical students were matched with residency programs in Illinois, the Midwest and around the country.  Constance explains the Match program.

SOUNB BITE:  “The Match is a national program that is held for graduates of medical schools to find residency spots for after graduation.  It happens all over the country at the same time where all the medical students find out where they will do their residency training after graduation.”

Sixty-five percent of this SIU graduating class of medical students will enter primary care specialty residencies.  Primary care specialties include family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology.   Dr. Constance explains where the students will do their residencies.

SOUND BITE:  “. . . nine of these students are going to stay at SIU.  And overall  . . . about two-thirds of them will be here in the Midwest.  I think that’s good not only for our community but for other communities in the middle of the country.”

Dr. Constance says Match Day is the culmination of the four years of medical school for the students who will begin their residency training in July after their graduation in May.

This is Ruth Slottag at SIU School of Medicine in Springfield.