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SIU School of Medicine Graduation

The sixty-two new physicians graduating from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine heard remarks from the physician who leads a large clinic providing healthcare for working and uninsured people and the class chair.

Commencement exercises for the 37th graduating class of S-I-U School of Medicine took place this past Saturday (May 21) in Springfield.  Delivering the commencement address, Dr. Scott Morris, founder and executive director of the Church Health Center in Memphis told the Class of 2011 that from now on people will know them as “doctor.”

SOUND BITE: “What does happen over the next four to six years will determine what kind of doctor you are.  And I don’t just mean your specialty. But it will impact the qualities of a physician that you possess.”

Dr. Morris said between now and 2019, the country will go through dramatic changes in the health care system and the graduating physicians can have a great deal of influence on the new system.

Dr. Sara Rubenacker, chair of the graduating class of 2011, congratulated her classmates on their graduation and thanked the SIU community for all their assistance during medical school.

SOUND BITE: “I feel so blessed that I have had you all for the past three years as classmates, mentors and partners in crime.  Medical school would not have been as entertaining or bearable without you all.”

The new SIU physicians will begin their residency training in their chosen specialty fields in July.  Two thousand, three hundred and ninety-nine (2,399) physicians have earned SIU medical degrees since 1975.  The School was founded in 1970.

This is Ruth Slottag, SIU School of Medicine in Springfield.