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SIU SOM Graduation


Seventy-eight new physicians graduating from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine heard remarks from a former Illinois governor and from the class chair.

Commencement exercises for the 39th graduating class of S-I-U School of Medicine took place this past Saturday (May 18) in Springfield.  Delivering the commencement address, former Governor Jim Edgar told the Class of 2013 ... “You’re going to see in a month’s time probably hundreds of patients, perhaps even in a week’s time, but you need to remember that each one of those patients is an individual.  Each one of those patients is looking to you for answers to problems that greatly concern them, that has a huge impact on their lives.”

Dr. Amelia Frank, chair of the graduating class of 2013, congratulated her classmates on their graduation and recalled the great friendships that developed during their four years of medical school.

“You all, my classmates, my friends, have turned this journey from something difficult and arduous into something so special, I can’t even  write a speech signifying the end of it.  I have laughed and cried with you, been exhilarated, excited and exhausted with you.  We’ve seen each other at our best and our worst ...”

The new SIU physicians will begin their residency training in their chosen specialty fields in July.  Two thousand, five hundred and fifty (2,550) physicians have earned SIU medical degrees since 1975.  The School was founded in 1970.

Ruth Slottag