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SIU SOM Graduation

The seventy-three new physicians graduating from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine heard remarks from a physician whose work focuses on the social mission of medical education and from the class chair.

Commencement exercises for the 38th graduating class of S-I-U School of Medicine took place this past Saturday (May 19) in Springfield.  Delivering the commencement address, Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan told the Class of 2012 . . .

SOUND BITE:   “You’ll be entering a rapidly changing and very exciting profession.  You will take with you the exquisite and detailed knowledge that you have arduously acquired over the last four years.  You also will carry forward a vision of medicine that SIU has given to you. These values will speak to you from time to time as your life and career unfold.”

Dr. Alison Saulog, chair of the graduating class of 2012, congratulated her classmates on their graduation and recalled the great friendships that developed during their four years of medical school.

SOUND BITE:    “Class of 2012, it’s obvious that this is one of the most exciting times of our lives.  While I am sad that we are parting ways, I am overjoyed that we are moving on to the next step.  I know you will be great doctors because I know that you are great people.”

The new SIU physicians will begin their residency training in their chosen specialty fields in July.  Two thousand, four hundred and seventy two (2,472) physicians have earned SIU medical degrees since 1975.  The School was founded in 1970.

This is Ruth Slottag, SIU School of Medicine in Springfield.