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December 21, 2011

SIU Med School Continuing Medical Education Program Reaccredited with Commendation

The Continuing Medical Education program (CME) at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine has received reaccreditation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) for six years, exceeding the standard of four years.

The program also received special mention for its attention to meeting the challenges of serving a rural population by expanding its state-wide Telehealth network of more than 50 affiliated institutions to support changes in physician practices. Other areas of excellence cited were CME’s development of case consultation conferences and its network of “physician champions” who assist in the implementation of new technology.

“This reaccreditation from ACCME is a genuine honor, recognizing the excellent work our team accomplished over the past several years,” said Ann Hamilton, former director of the office who retired in April.

The ACCME accredits institutions and organizations offering continuing medical education and identifies, develops and promotes standards for quality CME programs. According to the ACCME, “Accreditation With Commendation” is awarded to providers that demonstrate compliance in all 22 criteria and with all the accreditation policies. 

“National reaccreditation of our CME program reaffirms the School of Medicine’s commitment to excellence in all forms of education,” said SIU School of Medicine Dean and Provost Dr. J. Kevin Dorsey, Ph.D. “It underscores the School’s commitment to physician education across the entire continuum of medical training, from medical school to residencies to continuing physician education.” 

In 2010, SIU was one of the only medical schools in the United States to receive a citation-free reaccreditation for its medical student training program. In addition, SIU residency programs have been selected for national recognition for their innovative approaches in post-graduate training in surgery and internal medicine.

All licensed physicians are required to earn continuing education credits each year to help them continue to develop their knowledge skills and professionalism for patient care. Established in 1972, SIU School of Medicine’s CME program delivers numerous programs each year for physicians and other allied-health professionals, often jointly sponsoring programs with state agencies. Last year, the program completed more than 500 activities designated for continuing education credit.

Laura Worrall is director of the SIU School of Medicine CME program. Staff members are Barbara Shelow, business manager, and Judy Harbison, meeting planner.