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SIU physician Dr. Michael Jakoby examines foot wound with diabetic patient Robert Brockmiller.
SIU registered dietician Sara Lopinski discusses diabetic dietary recommendations with patient Robert Brockmiller.

November 4, 2011

SIU Med School Diabetes Program Receives Education Recognition

The diabetes program at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for Quality Diabetes Self Management Education.  The ADA recognizes SIU’s diabetes education services as meeting National Standards for Diabetes Self-management Education, which is the ongoing process of facilitating the knowledge, skill and ability necessary for people with diabetes to manage their health and keep their diabetes controlled.

The program is part of SIU’s Division of Endocrinology, which is headed by Dr. Michael G. Jakoby IV, associate professor of internal medicine. 

"We are honored to receive this accreditation, which confirms that SIU’s diabetes education program provides the level of instruction and clinical service that the ADA recognizes as equivalent to other outstanding programs in the country,” said Jakoby.  “It confirms that our program offers more comprehensive care for our patients.”

The SIU endocrinology division uses a collaborative team approach that offers multiple levels of care for patients, including clinical and educational services.  Patients may see a registered dietitian, nurse practitioner or certified diabetes nurse educator without having seen the physician.

"Our patients will benefit by having easier access to care, more efficient monitoring and less time spent in the clinic,” said Jakoby.

The SIU diabetes center offers patient services that facilitate care between and during visits.  They offer continuous glucose monitoring, which allows patients to hook up to a monitor to continuously record their blood sugar during an interval of time.  That data can be downloaded at the clinic for evaluation prior to seeing the physician.  Also, patients can bring glucose meters to the office to be downloaded prior to their appointment time, so their readings are available when they see the provider. 

In addition to Jakoby, others on endocrinology clinical staff include Dr. Carmel Fratianni, endocrinologist and associate professor of internal medicine; Brenda Michel, nurse practitioner; Caren Bryant, registered nurse, certified diabetes educator; and Sara Lopinski, registered dietitian.

For more information and to request an appointment, call SIU’s endocrinology division at 217-545-3821.