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e-version of 2012 SCOPE

May 4, 2012

SIU Med School Publishes Annual SCOPE Magazine

The nineteenth annual edition of SCOPE literary magazine has been published by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Produced each year by SIU medical students, this edition of SCOPE contains 26 short stories, poems, paintings and photographs submitted by students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the School. The issue was introduced at a recent reception at the Vachel Lindsey home in Springfield.

Prizes were awarded to the top three entries in the categories of poetry, prose and visual art.  The winners, selected by the editorial staff, received small monetary awards.

First-place poetry winner was Amelia Frank, a third-year medical student from Springfield, for “Mystery.” Second-place winner was the late Jerry Abrams for “How Did it Happen?” Third-place winner was Dr. John Grace, a psychiatrist in Crystal River, Fla. and alumnus from the class of 2000, for “‘The Quicks’ and ‘The Slows.’”      

The first-place prose winner was Amelia Frank, for “Penguin Suit.”  Second-place winner was Dr. Hope Baluh, a surgeon in Tahlequah, Okla., and alumnus of the class of 1983, for “In Memory of Dave.” Third-place winner was Cara Anne Vaccarello, a pre-doctoral psychology intern in the pediatrics department, for “The Great Land O’Lakes Mistake.”  

The first-place visual art award was presented to Mark Gordon of Springfield for his photograph “Street Musician,” which was featured on the cover of this year’s edition of SCOPE.  Second-place winner was Ashley Urish, a second-year medical student from Manito, for her acrylic painting “Rooted.” Third-place winner was Kelly Armstrong, Ph.D., assistant professor, department of medical humanities, and director of the program in clinical ethics & public policy, for her photograph “Washrooms, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.”        

The People’s Choice Award from an exhibit of SCOPE visual art at the medical school was presented to Keith Jacobs, a second-year medical student from Alameda, Calif., for “Pandora’s Curiousity.”

Sara Ros, second-year medical student from Winnetka, serves as editor-in-chief of SCOPE.  Associate editor is Rachel Wang, first-year medical student from Peoria.          

Review editors are Kate Sanserino, second-year medical student from Ft. Wayne, Ind; Rachel Hansen, first-year medical student from Stillman Valley; and Breck Jones, first-year medical student from Equality. Publicity editors are Amelia Frank, third-year medical student from Springfield; Carolyn Roloff, second-year medical student from Urbana; Kenton Barnett, first-year medical student from Houston, Texas; and Abbie Long, first-year medical student from Siegel. Copy editors are Tolu Oke, third-year medical student from Bloomington and Sanserino. The art editors are Ashley Urish, second-year medical student from Manito; Barnett and Jones.  Reading/reception coordinators are Keisha Powell, third-year medical student from Chicago; Ros; Roloff and Oke.

Staff advisors for SCOPE are Karen Carlson, director of public affairs; Rebecca Budde, publications editor; Steve Sandstrom, communication coordinator; and Jim Hawker, photographer.  Faculty advisors are Phillip Davis, Ph.D., associate professor of medical humanities in Springfield, and Nancy Henry, D.V.M., instructor in anatomy in Carbondale.      

All SCOPE editions, including the new edition, are posted online at  Copies are available by contacting Rebecca Budde at SIU Public Affairs, 217-545-2151 weekdays or Submissions for the 2012 edition of SCOPE will be accepted October - December 2012.

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