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Identity Standards - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the University and School of Medicine need identity standards that address the use of the logos, style, graphic design and other pieces of visual identity?

Simply put, identity standards help us identify and “brand” the University, the School of Medicine and SIU HealthCare. They enhance the reach and effectiveness of our publicity, marketing or advertising efforts.

There are thousands of letters, brochures, publications, newsletters, exhibits, signs, and pieces of merchandise related to the School that people see every day. Our web sites, invitations, slide shows, posters, forms, programs, vehicles, signs, stationery, business cards, promotional items and licensed clothing all help tell our story. By using a consistent visual identity, our brand is more recognizable and stronger.

Why do we need a strong public image?

Whenever we communicate, we have an opportunity to make a strong, lasting impression. Our alumni, friends and grateful patients may make decisions on supporting us, including providing financial support, based on their impressions and experiences. It is also important that the School of Medicine and SIU HealthCare group be able to market and communicate effectively with other health care providers.

Why did SIU School of Medicine and SIU HealthCare (formerly SIU Physicians & Surgeons) adopt a new logo?

A logo is a critical component of an institution’s visual identity. The frequent, standardized and prominent use of a single logo communicates a unity of purpose that can reflect favorably on an institution’s image. We wanted to update the look of the SIU School of Medicine logo and make it something that more clearly identifies us as a medical school. SIU Physicians & Surgeons changed its look and public name to SIU HealthCare to emphasize its function as a health care provider. Our choice of the new logo was not an arbitrary decision but rather the result of a thoughtful process, involving the input of many stakeholders.

Where do identity standards come from?

Many corporations and organizations as well as most U.S. universities have identity and logo standards. In refining ours, staff referred to numerous standards posted on-line. We thank those institutions for sharing their expertise. We also thank various campus offices who provide feedback on the School’s identity standards.

My department often gets asked to be a co-sponsor for a program or activity. Can I provide the logo to the primary sponsor for their use in advertising?

Departments should not share the logo with outside agencies. When SIU School of Medicine or SIU HealthCare have officially agreed to be a co-sponsor of an outside program or activity, the agency creating the advertising (poster, brochure, display ad, etc.) should provide a copy of the proposed design to the School’s Office of Public Affairs in Springfield. Once the design is approved, Public Affairs will provide the logo file and guidelines directly to the agency. (When there is a formal affiliation between SIU and another organization or agency, see Affiliated Organization/Agency.) Any questions regarding logo usage should be referred to Public Affairs in Springfield, 217-545-2155, or email

What is my part in creating and maintaining SIU School of Medicine’s image?

All of us at the School of Medicine, whether we are faculty, staff or students, make an impression. We create an image with our reports, PowerPoint presentations, correspondence and other interactions with internal and external audiences. Each time you communicate professionally about the medical school, including correct use of the logo, you strengthen our public image.

What are the deadlines for making the change to the new logos on printed goods?

As supplies of materials with old logos are exhausted, new or reprinted materials should replace them, using the new logo and identity standards. The deadline for updating all stationery, business cards, envelopes and other such supplies was June 2010. After that date, no use of the old logo is permitted except for historical materials. Publications and web sites should also carry the new logo. No previous versions of the School of Medicine logo are to be used on any new publications, web sites, promotional items, etc.

How do I keep up with changes to the identity standards?

Updates about our visual identity will always be posted in one location on the School’s web site. Go to for the most up-to-date information.

I don’t like the new logo, so can I use the old ones instead?

Old logos are no longer approved for routine use. Simply put, the old logos have been retired. Expect to see them only in a historical context.

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