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Identity Standards - Logo Overview

SIU School of Medicine Logo

SIU Logo Sample

A new logo for SIU School of Medicine was developed in 2009. The logo is composed of a graphic symbol consisting of a stylized snake and the initials “SIU,” followed by the words “School of Medicine.” The snake is a reference to the serpent of Aesculapius, the ancient god of medicine and healing. (His Roman name was Aesculapius and his Greek name was Asklepios.)

SIU SOM Logo Example - Vertical

The School of Medicine logo is all green or all black. It may also be printed in reverse. Horizontal and vertical versions of the logo are available. The preferred version is the horizontal design. When a logo is reduced or enlarged, it must be treated as one unit so that all elements are resized proportionately. The size of the logo is determined by the size of the graphic symbol. The minimum size of the graphic symbol is ½ inch across.

SIU HealthCare Version

The version of the SIU School of Medicine logo used by SIU HealthCare (formerly SIU Physicians & Surgeons) is composed of the same stylized snake and SIU initials followed by the word “HealthCare” with a tagline “Exceptional Medicine. Partners in Care.” placed beneath. The tagline is separated from the rest of the logo by a hairline. The HealthCare version should appear on all clinical communications. Use of the HealthCare version allows the clinical practice to parallel the School of Medicine’s logo usage while building the identity of SIU HealthCare. Standards that apply to the School of Medicine logo also apply to the HealthCare version.SIU Healthcare Logo Example

Because our patients clearly identify with the SIU name, the School’s physician group changed its name to SIU HealthCare and did so at the same time as the logo changed so the two work together. The name, SIU HealthCare, captures the full array of health care services SIU provides now and as it grows and expands.SIU Healthcare logo example - Vertical

A consistent use of the SIU HealthCare version of the logo will help build a strong brand for the School’s physician practice, making it easier for our patients and potential patients to differentiate us from others. It also will help with recruitment of high quality health care professionals, fundraising and employee satisfaction. The correct and consistent use of the identity standards will complement the positioning statement adopted by the physician practice – SIU HealthCare wants to be perceived as a progressive and pre-eminent regional group of physicians that offers patients all-encompassing specialty care within a practice style that integrates approachability and patient education.

SIU School of Medicine Identifiers

A departmental identifier may be used with the SIU School of Medicine logo to offer individuality and flexibility for departments and units. These departmental identifiers may be used with the main School of Medicine logo on all forms of media except official letterhead, business cards, business envelopes and classified advertising. Standards for color, proportion/sizing, placement and unacceptable use remain the same. (See Detailed Placement Standards.) No other logo is to be created for use by any SIU School of Medicine or SIU HealthCare department or unit.

The horizontal School logo is used with the department or unit name beneath in Slimbach medium italic font, separated by a hairline. The department name type should be slightly smaller than the type in the School’s logo and can be placed flush left or centered below the logo.Identifier Example

For SIU HealthCare, no department or division identifiers can be used.

Approval for identifiers must be obtained. A form to request a departmental identifier is available and should be submitted to Public Affairs, MC 9621, or (fax) 217-545-0580. This request for an SIU identifier constitutes a binding agreement whereby the original logo files shall not be altered in any way including, but not limited to, distorting the shape, changing the color, fonts or font arrangement.

Trademark and Licensing

The logo for SIU School of Medicine and SIU HealthCare is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The School of Medicine may commence legal proceedings through the Office of General Counsel for trademark infringement to prevent unauthorized use of its trademarks

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