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Identity Standards - Other University Marks

The SIU Seal

The Southern Illinois University Seal represents activities of the SIU System and is used by both SIU Edwardsville and SIU Carbondale. It features Old Main, one of the original buildings on SIUC’s campus that was destroyed by fire in 1970, and the Latin words Deo Volente, which translates “God willing.” The Seal is used for formal documents such as diplomas and commencement materials and for materials from the Office of the President. Use on merchandise requires approval through Collegiate Licensing and approval by SIUC University Communications for uses related to SIUC.

SIUC Logo (Wordmark)

Adopted in 2005, the SIUC logo is a stylized depiction of SIUC’s Pulliam Hall clock tower. The window around the tower reflects the architectural style of many windows used in some of SIUC’s earliest buildings. This mark is used to represent all programs, including any University-related organizations, except those affiliated with the SIU School of Law and SIU School of Medicine, including SIU HealthCare.

Athletics uses a separate identifier to advance SIUC sports teams. Athletics departments at universities historically use sports logos that incorporate mascots and school colors.

SIUC Lettermark

The lettermark is composed of just the letters “SIUC” but in a stylized fashion. It is used when use of the SIUC Pulliam Hall logo is impractical, either due to the size or type of material on which it appears. In the past, the University has allowed the use of just the letters “SIUC.” But by using just the letters “SIUC” there is no opportunity for creative communications.

The SIUC lettermark can NOT be used with any other words including the name of a department, center or unit. It must stand alone to represent the entire campus. It can, however, be used in conjunction with the SIUC logo or campus identifier. Additional details are available on the SIUC Visual Identity Guidelines Web site –

SIUE Wordmark

The SIUE wordmark consists of a stylized version of the word “Edwardsville” with “Southern Illinois University” in smaller type centered above it. The wordmark is red or black. Additional information about the SIUE wordmark is available from Marketing and Communications at

The Office of Public Affairs can facilitate acquiring these logos, if they are needed.

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