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March 18, 2010

SIU Med School Seniors and Residency Programs Get Match News

Senior medical students in the graduating Class of 2010 at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine were given results from the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) on Thursday, March 18, at the same time other U.S. medical students learned their matches to postgraduate training programs. Sixty-four SIU seniors have secured residency positions.

Thirteen SIU seniors (20%) selected internal medicine residencies and eight (12.5%) selected family medicine. Six students each (9%) matched in either emergency medicine or pediatrics. Five students (7.8%) matched in either general surgery or obstetrics/gynecology.

“I’m pleased that once again so many of our students have chosen primary care specialties for their residency training,” said Dr. J. Kevin Dorsey, dean and provost. “With so many of our student selecting our own residencies or nearby programs here in the Midwest, we know we can continue to help meet the health care needs of central and southern Illinois.”

Other match results for SIU seniors were four (6%) in anesthesiology, three (4.5%) in radiology, and two each in child neurology, medicine-pediatrics or psychiatry. One student each will train in dermatology, medicine-psychiatry, neurological surgery, plastic surgery, surgery-preliminary, urology, transitional year or vascular surgery.

Thirty seniors or 46.8 percent will train in the primary care specialties of family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics. If the five student matches in obstetrics/gynecology are included, the total rises to 54.6 percent.

SIU and its affiliated hospitals in Springfield, Decatur and Carbondale attracted 15 SIU graduates for residency training.  Another eight medical students picked other Illinois programs and 21 seniors selected Midwest programs, making a total of 44 SIU students (68.7%) who will begin training in the Midwest.

The Class of 2010 at SIU School of Medicine will graduate Saturday, May 22. New physicians begin their residency training in July 2010.

Match results also were announced Thursday for SIU’s residency programs in Springfield, based at the School’s two affiliated hospitals -- Memorial Medical Center and St. John’s Hospital. Sixty-three starting positions in Springfield were filled. The first-year residents will join 174 senior residents and fellows already in training at SIU programs in Springfield.

Twenty-nine first-year positions were filled in primary care programs -- family medicine (6), general internal medicine (14), general pediatrics (6) and obstetrics/gynecology (3). Eighteen positions were filled in the six surgical programs -- emergency medicine (6), general surgery (3), orthopaedic surgery (3), otolaryngology (2), plastic surgery (2) and urology (2). Sixteen total positions were filled in other specialties -- dermatology (2), medicine-psychiatry combined (2), neurology (2), preliminary medicine (4), psychiatry (3) and radiology (3).

“As SIU celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, it is fitting that another group of residents begin their training with us. SIU and our affiliated hospitals are pleased to welcome these individuals who will be dedicated to serving the people of central and southern Illinois,” said Dr. Karen Broquet, associate dean for graduate medical education.

SIU also has affiliated family medicine residency programs in Carbondale, Decatur and Quincy, each three years in length. Seventeen first-year positions have been filled for next year through the NRMP match and a similar program held last month for osteopathic physicians. These residents will join 35 senior family medicine residents and fellows at SIU’s affiliated hospitals -- Memorial Hospital in Carbondale, Decatur Memorial and St. Mary’s Hospitals in Decatur, and Blessing Hospital in Quincy.

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