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Dr. Laura Rogers in her laboratory
Dr. Laura Rogers portrait

February 9, 2010                                                       

Study of Exercise in Breast Cancer Patients Underway at SIU Medical School

Women who have had breast cancer are being recruited by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine for a study to determine the effectiveness of a program designed to help breast cancer patients exercise regularly.   The study is being nationally funded by the National Cancer Institute, a division of the National Institutes of Health.

“Having breast cancer frequently causes women to exercise less after their diagnosis.  In this study, we are evaluating whether an exercise program improves physical activity behavior, quality of life and overall health,” said Dr. Laura Q. Rogers, associate professor of internal medicine at SIU, who is directing the study.

Women ages 18 to 70, who have a history of stage I, II or IIIA breast cancer and are able and willing to start an exercise program, are being sought.  The three-month program will involve 12 supervised exercise sessions, a home exercise program, and six discussion group meetings for participants.  There is no charge to the participants for the tests related to the study.  Participants will be in the study for approximately 14 months.  Results can be shared with the participant’s personal physician at the end of the study.

A member of the SimmonsCooper Cancer Institute at SIU, Rogers has been studying exercise and breast cancer since 2002.  Her previous research focused on healthy lifestyles related to high cholesterol management, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.  She joined the SIU faculty in 2000.  Rogers is board certified in internal medicine.

If you are interested in participating in the study, call Cathy Naritoku at SIU School of Medicine, 217-545-7750 weekdays, or e-mail

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