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June 8, 2011

SIU Med School Recognizes Area Physician as “Mentor of the Year”

Dr. Andrew R. Riffey has been recognized this month by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine as the “2010-2011 Mentor of the Year” for his work as a volunteer mentor to first-year medical students in Carbondale.

The student nomination for Riffey said – “He provided a nice clinician’s perspective during the first year.  As we saw patients, he asked me questions about the different diseases we encountered.  He suggested that I do outside research about the diseases and treatments, which he later spent time discussing with me.  He also discussed general topics like life-work balance, how to run a physician’s office and working cooperatively with other health care providers.  Dr. Riffey’s mentoring style has given me an excellent introduction to the practice of medicine and the experience will serve me well in year two as students take a more active role in the clinic.”

A family medicine physician, Riffey is in practice at the Vienna Medical Clinic in Vienna.  He is board certified in family medicine.  Riffey completed his family medicine residency at the SIU Family Practice Center in Carbondale (2005) and earned his medical degree at SIU School of Medicine (2002).  He is married and has one child.

The freshmen class of 2014 nominated ten physician mentors for the honor.  SIU School of Medicine provides the clinical mentor program for its first-year students in Carbondale.  Sixty area physicians served as mentors this last school year.           

Established in 1970, SIU School of Medicine is based in Carbondale and Springfield.  The School’s mission is to assist the people of central and southern Illinois in meeting their health care needs through education, service, research and community service.  The medical school is specifically oriented to educating new physicians prepared to practice in Illinois communities.  Since 1975, 2,399 physicians have earned SIU medical degrees.  The school’s Web site is