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November 8, 2010                                                                             

SIU School of Medicine Employees Honored for Service

The School of Medicine has honored 60 employees in Carbondale, Quincy and Springfield for their years of service. 

Thirty-year awards went to Gregory Brewer, Ph.D., professor in medical microbiology, immunology and cell biology who holds the Kenneth Stark Endowed Chair in Alzheimer’s Research; Alice Costa, administrative aide in surgery; April Hannant, office manager in pediatrics; Candyce Luttrell, medical services administrator in family and community medicine; and Terry Stout, local area network specialist in institutional planning and management information.

Twenty-five year awards went to Joan Blood, account technician in development; Coley Cowan, business manager in the medical library; Sandra Dennis, business/administrative associate in external and health affairs; Debra Kemper, office administrator in the Simmons Cancer Institute; Jean Lebel, ambulatory care assistant in psychiatry; Mary Naqvi and Keith Steiner, both accountants in the comptroller’s office; and Kounosuke Watabe, Ph.D., professor in medical microbiology, immunology and cell biology. 

Six employees in Carbondale have been honored.  A 35-year award went to Paul Henry, Ph.D., associate professor in medical education, and a 25-year award went to Peter Hardwicke, Ph.D., professor in biochemistry and molecular biology.   Twenty-year awards went to Lisabeth Dilalla, Ph.D., professor of family and community medicine;  Kathleen Jones, instructor in MEDPREP; and Eric Niederhoffer, Ph.D., associate professor in biochemistry and molecular biology.  Sheila Scillufo, a researcher in physiology, received a 15-year award. 

Fifteen-year awards went to Shirley Longlett, assistant professor in family and community medicine in Quincy, and Annette Gilson, family medicine administrator in family and community medicine in Decatur. 

Twenty-seven 20-year awards and 17 15-year awards also were awarded.

Established in 1970, SIU School of Medicine is this year celebrating the 40th anniversary of its founding.  The School’s mission is to assist the people of central and southern Illinois in meeting their health needs through education, patient care, research and community service.  Its Web site is and its main number is 217-545-8000.