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CCX Home CCX in Year 2 CCX in Year 3 Summative CCX (SCCX)

The CCX (Clinical Competency Examination) is a clinical skills/reasoning exam that uses standardized patient encounters followed by computer-based documentation and clinical reasoning exams. CCX exams are held throughout the curriculum:

  • at the middle and end of each Unit in Year 1,
  • at the end of each Unit in Year 2,
  • at the end of each Clerkship (except Surgery and Internal Medicine*) in Year 3, and
  • in the Senior Clinical Competency Examination (SCCX), early in Year 4.

A sample case (J_Keller) that can be used for orientation and practice is available to Y2 and Y3 students in the OEC Computer Lab at 801-3. This website is designed to contain additional instructions and materials that will be necessary and/or helpful to you in preparing to take CCX exams.

*Internal Medicine and Surgery have End-of-Clerkship standardized patient exams, but they do not include the CCX post-encounter.